At Winters End

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I´m flowing silently, far away
Towards the deep sleep, day by day
The strong don´t need prayers to survive
Sickness of the weak, I´m not following the blind

Am I going nowhere
An old spirit lost somewhere
Between the depths of the doomed unions
And the flaming shades of gods dominion

I don´t know
I don´t know where to go
In this bleak cold nothingness

Standing in the threshold of an ever fading bloom
Forever hidden visions, unveil to be true
Forgiven guilty, waiting for the end
I´m crying release to the bliss

So it´s time to rest

And the dreams take those tears
Death ends life cold disappears
Sunsets release the heavens fire
Soul symphonies in divine empire

Lyrics – Aleksi Juutinen


With your lies and my delusions
We share our solitude
We run towards your bright horizons
I´m deluded

Staring eyes, now withered and died
Certain kind, emotions that I hold inside
Bleeding hearts, our art´s so proud and strong
While sorrow still sings its endless song

One night for the sweetest time
Morning for the loneliness
Cold arms around your neck
Oh god, there´s no chance to regret

Stay away, I´ll have to pass another day
Unforgiveness, the history of nothingness
The ghosts you follow, hollow and untrue
Wherever you go, I´m there to haunt you

Why do I live for
In embrace of solitude
Different day, no one by my side
Then I will grieve my delusions

Lyrics – Aleksi Juutinen


I breathe again
Though my breath is unseen
And I taste again
Though the flavor is still bitter
I lay fallen and astray
Waiting for what you will say

I don´t need you
I´ve been through despair without you
I´m still always a part of you
And I grow and I don´t need you
What you say is not always fair
There are things that I don´t care
I´m all alone in my last despair

I see again
Though my sight is bleak
And I can taste again
The purpose of the rapture

Your blood in me will last
Forever trust from the past

I don´t need you

Lyrics – Aleksi Juutinen