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2012 to present At Winters End, Third Era; JP Salokangas on vocals, Teemu Riekki on bass


New bassplayer, Foul Circle frontman Teemu Riekki joined the band in March. Three songs were recorded with the new line up and Taste of October demo was released on July. It  introduced the renewed At Winters End. Few gigs was made in the end of the year and At Winters End started to plan the recordings of the debut album.


2008-2011 At Winters End, Second Era; Harri Vähänissi on vocals, JP immonen on bass


At Winters End had a mini tour with Anger Cell on February. Vocalist Harri decided to leave the band on October due to personal reasons.  Bass player Jani and the rest three members had musical disagreements of the bands future and Jani left the band as well. New singer and frontman JP Salokangas joined the band in November and the rest of the year went practising the vocal parts with JP.


“Wounded” was released in February and it reached good reviews in the Finnish metal media during the year. The tape included two re-recordings from the second demo and two new songs. AWE practised their favourite nineties death metal songs and played cover gig under the name Black Winter Night. Two new songs were recorded to the forthcoming release.
In the end of the year AWE took part to Century Medias Finnish Metal Star Competition. AWE was chosen to the top 12 of 250 bands. The final position was eight. Good year for Winter.

2001-2009 At Winters End, Silent Years


AWE  practised the old tunes, wrote new songs and recorded material for the forthcoming ep “Wounded.” 


At Winters End started to practice and play together in April. They decided to return to the roots of  Winter and play death metal again. AWE played three gigs in the end of the year and Jukka recorded drum tracks to five songs.


Jukka played with “Lullacry”, Jani did his own industrial based “Pentatonik”, Harri and old bass player Topi had a rockband called “Dr. Drunkenstein” for a little while. Aleksi and Jaakko continued where they left with AWE and wrote plenty of hardrock songs but never found a professional singer for their project. After that Jaakko played in “Royal Troopers”, “Jamrod”, “Point of Origin” and with few jazz groups. AWE had plans to do few gigs to celebrate the past ten years of Winter in 2006 and they re-recorded songs “Wounded” and “Divine Empire”, but nobody had time to focus on the band. Time was not right for the return of At Winters End.

1996-2001 At Winters End, First Era


After a while they decided to record three new songs for the next tape. Music had gone very far from the death metal roots and it was more like dark rock. At Winters End even planned to change the bands name. “Sidetrack Society” tape was never released and unfortunately AWE was left for long break.


Fourth tape “When the Day is Gone” was released in April. At this point, grunt vocals and “death metal” were totally left behind. Video was shot for the song “Another Sweet Failure.” AWE lost their rehearsal place in September and played their last gig in Halloween.


Jukka joined to “Lullacry” and played drums in both bands. Three songs were recorded to the next tape “Divine Empire.” “Empire” was released in the June first and it introduced cleaner vocals and more melodic songs. Two new songs were recorded in December and they followed the “Empires” footsteps and went even further.

1996-1998 At Winters End; Topi Ruotsalainen on bass


“Hallowed Membrance” was released in January and new song “Dying Adorer” was recorded for the Studio Kivi compilation album. Bass player Topi had plans to move back to his hometown Kuopio and the new AWE member was in search. Aleksi and Jani Immonen met in Amorphis gig and Jani promised to listen the first two tapes and come to see the next gig. Jani joined At Winters End and after two weeks he was playing his first AWE show. Song called “Twilight Entrance” from second demo ended up into “Suomi Finland Perkele” metal magazines compilation album.


At Winters End recorded their debut demo tape “Nectar for the Withering” in March. Few gigs were made until they got a chance to warm up Sentenced in Lepakko. AWE wrote new songs during the year and headed again to studio to record their second demo “Hallowed Membrance” in the end of the year.


At Winters End was formed by the guitarists Aleksi Juutinen and Jaakko Nieminen. In October Harri Vähänissi, Jukka Outinen and Topi Ruotsalainen joined the band and the first line up was complete. The idea was to write own material from the beginning. Greatest influences at that time were Paradise Lost, Amorphis and Sentenced. First gig was made in the end of November.