At Winters End

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Four walls surround
When I cry bittersweet tears alone

I recline, sick with fever
As echoes bring anguish from the dark
I´m wounded, a suffering victim
Thrown away from your arms
Maybe too deep I tasted your warmth

Chaos spreads its wings to possess me
In your divine sensual shape
I try to elude our devilish spiral
But in your presence my emotions are denied

My inessential sojourn in a madness of self-pity
Once you were mine for a while
Only despising glance and staring eyes
When did you leave love behind

A cruel serpent, masqueraded in the velvet cloak
Your thorns sank so deep, my blood red scars still bleed
From the orchards of grief, a nocturnal serenade
Wakes the tears, and they fall…
Bringing back the memories

As a hallowed remembrance
You dwell in my heart
Why? I should have a privilege to love

Lyrics – Aleksi Juutinen



You linger in dreams
Restless devotion has ceased
Frail fantasies in vein
Endeavours silent end

Hours of despair and grief
Suffering, disbelief
Embers need fire to burn
Lack of change killed the flames
I only wanted to be alone

A veil of mist
Lays over our times forgotten
Ones joy, another´s sorrow
From your hands eternal
You sustain obsessions of sorrow

Reality beyond unforgiveness
Beloved now a stranger
I have no words for you
Anger comforts the bitter mind

I bid farewell to you at last
You can´t achieve the past
Pride only deepens the desolation
I´ll never fall for you again

One silent moment of grace
Forlorn glance behind your face
Through bleak shelter you smile
But you cannot hide the pain

Lyrics – Aleksi Juutinen



Can you feel it in the air
Clouds are gathering in the sky
Birds are flying low before the storm
I can see this all in your eyes

We´re walking the road that leads to nowhere
Dreaming the dream that will never come true
Like the sun in its endless crusade
Bringing light that soon starts to fade

Questions without answers
Feelings without names

How long can we hide
What do we feel
And what do we need
I want more than just a thought of you
But I can only feel the rain

I see a light in the distance
A lighthouse by the sea
I have sailed too far from haven
That I can never reach these shores again

Maybe in some other time and place
I´ll find my way to your door
Until that we keep thinking of each-others
Dreaming the dream that will never come true

Questions without answers
Feelings without names
Riddles without solutions
Sorrow without tears

How long can we hide
What do we feel
And what do we need
I want more than just a thought of you
But I can only feel the rain
And only the taste of October

Lyrics – Aleksi Juutinen



Waiting in the darkest corner
For crossing lights to spear your heart
Once again you are ready for love
Waiting somebody to tear you apart

Serve illusions that others create
Share their dreams so you´ll get paid
Do you feel guilty when you have to please
Do you feel shame when it´s time to fall on your knees

Your inner strength is out of the rails
Bitter poison on your lips still remains
Of the strangers who crossed the line
Of your privacy, endless conspiracy

Feel the demons when they try to hold
Your dirty soul from deep down below
Shattered dreams in the open wounds
Your lost faith is chained to doom

And you celebrate the sorrow
And cherish the pain
Pray for your sacred pride
But you´ll cry your god in vein

You lay in silence of the cold
Feeling empty, weak and alone
Maybe tomorrow it´s time to feel
True joy for real

Wrong endeavours to find the light
You fool yourself, everything is not alright
Do you remember that maiden white skin
Do you remember the innocence of the virgin

Lyrics – Aleksi Juutinen