At Winters End

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The warmth of your eyes
You´re staring me blind of desire
I´m breathing the scent of your passion
Seduce me into satisfaction

Oh darling, I´m your fate
So come with me before it´s too late
Feel my heartbeats beside your breath
Tonight we feel like Romeo and Juliet

I´m all your needs
And all your lies and beliefs
I´m the servant of your admire
I´m your long lost flame and fire

Please I´m on my knees
I´m begging you to release
All your needs, all your pleasure
Tonight I´m your dearest treasure

The spiders of your eyes
Are weaving their net of fire
I´m struggling
Still I´m yearning your touch
Please poison my butterfly wings to dust

I´m your slave, I´m your king
I´m your god and your everything

Lyrics – Aleksi Juutinen


I have lost my identity
All seems to end in misery
Only stones that I´ve thrown
Can break surrounding harmony

I´m standing in the rain
So no one sees me crying
I can´t change what is done
I gave all for nothing

So much to say
All the words of praise
Fading to grey
So much to say
All the words of honest
Fading away

Far away horizons
Reflect the bitterness
No helping hand
To heal my loneliness

The smoke that I breathe
Runs out on my command
Tonight it flows like me
Without demand

Lyrics – Aleksi Juutinen


Situations come and go
But I´m going nowhere
Hours feel like waste of time
Failing kills obsession to try

Madness is haunting my mind
Promising chances are denied
I´m searching through my senses
Faith that´s lost in defeats

And I´ll take the bottle
And just let it go
The more the better
Leave regret for tomorrow

I roll the dices
Three numbers ain´t a surprise
Three times six
I´ve been through this
Thousand times before

Feel the rising beat
Of the sorrow song
Nothing lasts forever
But the pain keeps going all night long

In this nothingness
Every day is such a contradiction
In this nothingness
Tired of the days with no meaning

Without purpose I wake
Jaded in the gray morning
Another day and nothing to do
Another day to find something new
Another day to live through
Another day on this nothingness

Lyrics – Aleksi Juutinen